Written by on March 6, 2018

Government has allayed fears of an outbreak of Listeriosis in the country, with the Ministry of Health and Child Care revealing that no case has been reported.

An outbreak of the disease has been reported in South Africa wit authorities in the neighbouring country working to contain the outbreak.

 In order to contain any outbreaks in the country, government has discouraged people from carrying ready to eat foods such as sausages, polony, Viennas, ham, meat spread, corned meat, salami and pepperoni from South Africa into the country.

Ministry of Health and Child Care staff at the borders will be monitoring this to make sure that the disease is not introduced into the country.

Listeriosis is a rare foodborne disease found in 10 cases per 1 million people is spread from consumption of foods that are contaminated by the bacteria and symptoms include – Diarrhoea, High fever (38 degrees), Headache, and muscle pain.

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