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Small scale miners have raised concerns over the new Environmental Management Agency charges which they say are based on the inter-bank market rate of the day.

Great dyke news reporter Prince Purazeni spoke to small scale miners said they do not understand what has necessitated EMA’s new charges.

However EMA denied introducing any new prices .

In a telephone interview with Great Dyke news, EMA head of information and Education department, Amkela Sidange said no new charges have been introduced.


Parents and Teachers Unions say they are not in agreement with the abolishing of corporal punishment in primary and secondary schools around the country.

In separate interviews with Great Dyke News Tatenda Gwezuva, parents said corporal punishment has a proven record for instilling discipline and ensuring pupils and students work hard.

Great Dyke news caught up with Progressive Teachers Union of Zimbabwe President Takavafira Zhou who echoed the same sentiments.

Contributing during the Second Reading of the Education Amendment Bill legislators said some of the provisions had the potential of reversing the high standards that Zimbabwe had achieved in education. They urged Government to revisit provisions in the Education Amendment Bill, in particular clauses that seek to ban corporal punishment and the exclusion of pregnant pupils from school.


Motorists and Commuter say there is need for drastic reshuffling of Vehicle Inspection Department personnel in the country’s VID depots to curb the corrupt activities in the department.

Great Dyke News’s Tariro Warara spoke to road users who said they fear the surge in accidents is a result of the corrupt activities at the VID.

Officials at the Ministry of Transport, Communication and Infrastructural Development could not be reached for comment

This week reports in the media alleged that the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID), which conducts driver training among other duties, has been taken over by criminal syndicates that are demanding various amounts from aspiring drivers. They further alleged that, VID inspectors are deeply involved in certifying as fit, unroadworthy vehicles and this has led to a surge in deaths on the country’s roads.

Statistics from the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) show that road related deaths in Zimbabwe top 2 000 annually.



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