Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy

Editorial Values


YA FM is an interactive radio station licenced in March 2015. The station is located in
Zvishavane but caters for the needs of all of Zimbabwe’ mining communities. Whilst the
Station has a defined terrestrial transmission footprint on 91.8 fm, it is available globally online and through its various new media platforms, i.e. website, Facebook, Twitter,
Instangram etc. Use of new media is an integral part of YAFM

Presenters are expected to be familiar with the broadcast law in Zimbabwe. The following undertakings are not negotiable, as any breach may result in loss of our broadcast license or legal action.



1.1.1 YAFM will strive to have 50% talk and 50% music on-air.
1.1.2 these percentages will be maintained in all programs, with the exception of music driven programs.
1.1.3 Yafm will strive to have 70% locally produced programs, including music
1.1.1. To ensure that the local content is upheld, YAFM will ensure that it trains volunteers as producers to ensure that there is a pool of producers that is producing local programs.

1.1.2. YAFM will strive, through it’s selection and training program, ensure that at least 50% of the presenters are women

2.2.1 YAFM promotes a gender friendly environment
2.2.2 At least 50% of all on-air presenters must be women, in order to promote women voices on air
2.2.3 All presenters and news reporters will seek out the voices of women for interviews
2.2.4 Women will be represented as positive role models on air, and not be represented in a marginalized way

2.3.1 YAFM shall promote a multilingual culture by exposing our listeners to different languages, be it spoken word or music
2.3.2 YAFM will broadcast in the three (3) languages of the Shona, Ndebele and English.
2.3.3 Presenters and listeners will be allowed to speak in the language and launguage most relevant and common to target market.
2.3.4 YAFM will strive to do translations at all times in order to prevent the exclusion of listeners
2.3.5 Swearing is not allowed on air, be it spoken word or music, except if used in the context of demonstrating a point. If swearing is used in this instance, a warning should be made before and during the program.
2.3.6 YAFM will discourage our on-air guests from using swearing as a means of expression.
2.3.7 No sexist language, racial or xenophobia labels will be used on air. If this is found, the relevant person will be suspended until a disciplinary hearing.
2.3.8 The following breakdown of languages will be upheld: Shona (50%) and Ndebele (30% ) English (20%).

2.3.8 The presentation of material that encourages the misuse of drugs including alcohol, narcotics and tobacco is not permitted.

2.3.8 There will be neither personal attacks on private individuals nor slanderous or defamatory statements made on air. This includes Contempt of Court or parliament. No incitement to riot, or to violent or unlawful action of any kind is permitted.

2.4.1 YAFM news will at all times strive to do the following:
– It should seek the truth and reporting it
– It should minimize harm
– It should be accurate
– It should be fair
– It should be gender sensitive
– It should be accountable
– it should be objective
– It should be professional
2.4.2 News will be prioritized in the following order: local, national, African and international
2.4.3 YAFM will strive to have 60% local news stories, 30% national stories and 10% stories from the African continent.

2.4.4 YAFM’s news bulletins will be produced and read in the following language: English, Ndebele and Shona
2.4.5 YAFM news bulletins will be gender sensitive, and will be free from Xenophobia or Religious labels
2.4.6 YAFM will promote positive news, and will strive to promote positive role models from the mining communities.

2.4.7 The news bulletins will be broadcasted hourly on the hour from 6:00 am till 8:00pm.
2.4.8 The duration of bulletins will be a minimum of 2 (2) minutes and thirty (30) Seconds.
2.4.9 All news readers will undergo training in news reading before being allowed to read the news
2.4. 10 No presenter shall criticise any YAFM policies or personnel on-air, off air or online . Any criticism must be referred to the Management Committee in writing.



2.5.1 as the music plays an important role in creating a distinctive sound for any station, all playlisting will adhere to the following policy
2.5.2 At least 60% of all music played should be local. The other 40% can be divided between African and International music.
2.5.3 YAFM will strive, as far as possible, to promote local artists .

2.5.4 All music will be played from the internal server and no presenter will go with their own music in the studio.

2.5.5 Musical tastes and opinions of members may be different from your own, but you have to undertake to respect the rights of members to hold their own opinions.



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